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Lessons & Play Days

I am home based at the Rolling Oaks Farm in Salem, WI and would welcome your call or text on my cell phone 847-508-3111 or eMail to me at


I offer lessons @ $40/ session; typically 45 minutes for private lessons and $30/ session each for semi-private lessons. For semi-private lessons, so as to make sure we are giving each student the best opportunity for equal attention and information, I would like to strive for semi-private lessons to be shared by folks that have similar levels of proficiency in PNH. Although I am authorized to teach both On Line and Freestyle Savvys for up to 4 people in each class for up to 6 hours, generally speaking I would like to limit the group size to a maximum of 2 people; exceptions can be made where there is a fairly homogeneous PNH proficiency or all participants are fully aware of the proficiency differences well ahead of time. I also have a “6 for 5” package deal available. For instance, if someone is willing to make the commitment to The Parelli Natural Horsemanship Program (PNH) and pay up front for lessons to be taken within 6 months, then they only pay for 5 lessons and the 6th lesson will be free. With the pricing as shown above, the Private Lesson Package would be 6 lessons for $200 and the Semi Private Package would be 6 lessons for $150.



lesson 3

We will be hosting Play Days at Rolling Oaks Farm. In addition to our new 72’ x 208’ indoor arena, we have over 40 acres of rolling farm land to ride. Play Days are an opportunity for 1 to 4 PNH Students and their horses to ‘get away’ for a full day of immersing themselves in this thing we call “Parelli”. A typical day will run from 9:00AM to 4:00PM with a 1 hour break for lunch. There are no preconceived notions of how these Play Days will be structured; each Play Day will be individualized to match what the Student(s) wants/needs to assist in their individual “Journey”. To assure the Student(s) get the most possible out of the experience, we want to have a pretty good idea of the types of things we will be covering well before the actual Play Day. Nonetheless, we will remain flexible to address ‘needs’ that arise that day. The fee for Play Days is $200 a day for 1 Student; for more than 1 Student, the fee is $150 for each Student.


May The Horse Be With You

Keep It Natural