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About Me

I got my first horse, Chief, in 1999 at age 56. That was a great year for my family. My wife, Vickie, and our two daughters had already gotten their first horses earlier that year and all were taking lessons from Parelli Natural Horse*Man*Ship (PNH) Instructor, John Harms, who has since succumb to cancer. John recommended I seek out PNH 5-Star Master Instructor, Dave Ellis. I continue to study extensively with Dave and earned my Green String (Level 3) in October 2005 while still gainfully employed as a bank President & CEO before my retirement from banking in late 2007.  I have since earned my Level 4 Finesse (Black String) and am proud to be a PNH 2-Star Instructor.


My PNH Journey has been a wonderful experience that I am eager to share with others, not just with building an awesome relationship with my horses, but also for the wonderful bonding experience with my family. A personal highlight for me was participating in the June 2009 Madison, WI Celebration “Liberty Spotlight” with Chief.



May The Horse Be With You

Keep It Natural